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Okay so. I am sick. Again. Bronchitis. Hate. So I and Staubengel had planned to meet up tomorrow, but I can’t leave the house, so this is gifted to her. Again I’m so sorry <3

This is part of my miniseries of Frostiron Moments. “How to ruin a perfekt moment - with Tony Stark.” I couldn’t get myself to work today, or write, for that matter, so I did this (I’ve been freaking lazy here, don’t judge me, or the hands, just don’t plea~ <3)


It seems our time ahs come to an end, Man of Iron. I wish for we had more time. You still owe me that drink…

one hours “painting” of my jotun!loki.
It’s dedicated to a few wonderful people <3
Staubengel, for being super awesome.
fancykraken who keeps up with me forgetting to put a title in my submissions and who posts my stupid fancfictions <3
My lovely readers of my fanfiction and
all those who like and reblog my stuff.

I love you all <3

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