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And so YOU’RE DRUNK - the comic version of THIS drabble by communionnimrod - is complete! *____*

Read it in HIG RES here:   [pag 1]    [pag 2]    [pag 3]    [pag 4]

It’s just my personal THANK YOU to Kerry for her 365 Days of Mystrade project.

Drawing this was a lot of fun. I put all my love for Greg and Mycroft on it and I hope you’ll like it too! <3

( By the way PLEASE DON’T REPOST it - just REBLOG it. And don’t post it somewhere else or use it without asking me and communionnimrod first. RESPECT our work. Send us a message, we are nice girls, we will not bite you, promise!  )


Lestrade’s eyes shot up from the document. He looked at Mycroft but said nothing, his chest rising high with adrenaline and exertion. Mycroft took in his rumpled, dirtied shirt; the traces of mud over his exposed neck; his hooded eyes, flashing rhythmically with each turn of the blue light on top of the nearest police car—and he gulped. Lestrade’s eyes lowered quickly to the document in his hand and he scribbled his signature at the bottom; then, as the officer left, his eyes returned to Mycroft’s face. The few seconds had been enough for Mycroft to compose himself though. He lifted his umbrella, examining its tip unnecessarily as was his ritual.

I Know the Steps but I Don’t Know the Dance - by stardust_made (x)


Greg heard the door slam shut.

He finally turned to where Mycroft was standing in the doorway. The man’s face was a blank mask, his posture ramrod straight. He looked as if he was made of ice, just like everyone had said. Maybe Greg had been wrong about it all. Maybe everything had been an act, including the relationship Greg thought they had.

The Duplicity in the Meanings of Flowers - Chapter 2 - by anglofile (x)

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